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Anneliese van der pol dating

host, 29, spent time with Orlando Brown, Kyle Massey, and Anneliese van der Pol in New York City, where the actors taped an upcoming episode of ABC's daytime talk show.

She has also acted in the 2010 vampire spoof film Vampires Suck directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

to Willem van der Pol, who is Dutch and the director of the Physical Plant at the California State University in Fullerton, California, and Dyan Ross, an American from Brooklyn, New York City.

She attended Bellflower Middle School and High School, then transferred and subsequently graduated from the acclaimed Orange County High School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA.

In 1999, van der Pol played Sandy Dumbrowsky in the Huntington Beach Playhouse revival of Grease, which earned her a Bobbi Award for "Best Actress in a Musical." Van der Pol graduated from the Orange County High School of the Arts in 2001.

As the popularity for "That's So Raven" rose, Disney showcased van der Pol's musical talents by signing her for several music compilations.

She even did a solo in one of the episodes named "Alone in the Hallways." In 2004, she recorded the song "Over It" for the Disney Channel Original Movie Stuck in the Suburbs which became the soundtrack's lead single.

Van der Pol was the musical's 17th (and final) Belle.

She played the role from April 3, 2007 to July 29, 2007 as the show reached its 5,464th (and final) performance.

“We’re closer than ever — people are just now seeing it, I think,” she says, gushing about her pal.

“We talk about everything and we really call each other out when we’re messing up.” Raven and Anneliese on the red carpet last month.

To promote the film, van der Pol made appearances during New York Comic Con weekend for meet-and-greets with fans and to join a live discussion panel for Vampires Suck, along with co-star Matt Lanter.